Do you want to become an entrepreneur?
Start your own business?
Do you want to open one more business (or launch a branch)
in Luxembourg and use all the benefits and assets of this country?
Are you in finance and just want to do structuring?
Do you plan to remove to live in Luxembourg and that’s why you want
to open a company, get visa and relocate here?

Advensys Conseil can help you to have a successful
start of your business life in Luxembourg,
to open a company or fund, to relocate (if needed)

Here are some descriptions of the most common types
of business structure in Luxembourg.
The SA, SARL and SARL-s are the most widely used forms of company.

The sole proprietorship

no share capital requirements, no deposit;

can invoice any Companies and Individuals;

possibility to get VAT EU number;

need professional residency in Luxembourg;

low fee for setting up;

the owner will be entirely liable for the business’ debts and
obligations which will include his or her personal assets;

being used for small operations carried out by a single
entrepreneur, professionals;

if you are the sole trader of your business, then this
structure is mostly for you;

recommended for micro-business under 30 000 Eur

of annual turnover

We offer Package
Set up a sole
proprietor company

Trade authorization request procedure

Registration at social security service as independent

Opening bank account in Luxembourg

Request for European VAT number

from 850 euro

excl. VAT

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Commercial companies

if you are a self-employed person or a manager of a company based in Europe and you would like to reduce or abolish the tax (within the law), then the incorporation of a Limited Liability Companies in Luxembourg will suit you.

The most important step is to get the approval from the Ministry of Economics in Luxembourg before the setting up.

Société́ Anonyme (S.A.)

Public Company
(Public Limited Company or Corporation, Partnership limited by shares)

Need notary and legal status publication

The minimum capital of € 30,000, and must be released at 25% (or 7500 EUR) at the time of the foundation

S.A. may be incorporated by just one founder and does not have a limitation imposed on the number of members.
Represented by shares (registered or bearer shares)
Shareholders name are not public (anonymous)

Board of directors (min. 3) and one chairman.
General meeting once a year at least.
S.A. is managed by one or more partners or administrators. The powers of management are determined by the status.

independent auditor

Société́ à responsabilité́ limitée (S.à r.l.)

Limited (liability) company

Need notary and legal status publication

SARL - the minimum capital is € 12000, and must be fully paid when the company is set up.

Minimum 1 associate and maximum - 40. They can be corporate bodies or individuals. Their responsibilities are limited by their investments

Director (gérant technique). No need of a general meeting if the number of shareholders ≤25. The Limited Liability Company is managed by one or several managers, associates or not. Management control is determined by the legal status

No need of an independent auditor if the number of shareholders is less than 25

Société́ à responsabilité́ limitée Simplifiée (S.à r.l.-s)

Simplified Limited (liability) company

No notary fees

The minimum capital is € 1, and must be fully paid when the company is set up.

Minimum 1 associate and maximum - 40. They can be ONLY individuals. Their responsibilities are limited by their investments. The purpose of the company must be commercial and under business license from Ministry of economy

The Limited Liability Company is managed by one or several managers, associates or not.
Management control is determined by the legal status.



No notary fees

No advance deposit (no capital)

Possibility of 1 or X directors. Possibility of establishing branch in Luxembourg or EU.
Possibility of creating a mother company in the EU.

A subsidiary in Luxembourg is a legal and independent entity, compared to a branch whose actions are managed by the parent company. 

Just like in the case of a subsidiary in Luxembourg it can operate as a SARL or S.A.

No need for independent auditor

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Luxembourg must comply with a few requirements in order to have a quick and correct start on the market.

These steps include:

choosing and reserving a trade name for the company with the Trade Register;

preparing specific documents which need to be filed with the Companies Registrar for incorporation;

opening the corporate bank account in which the share capital will be deposited;

obtaining a tax identification number and a VAT number from the tax office;

applying for the necessary license and permits in industries where such requirement must be respected.

Our most popular Package
Set up a Commercial

Apply for a business license (where applicable) and getting the business license

Preparation of the Setting up file (all needed documents to incorporate the company)

Opening a business bank accounts in Luxembourg

Registering the company and assistance in finding office place (address)

Apply for a European VAT number

from 1500 euro

excl. VAT for a SARL-S

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It includes full service from the idea to open a company,
advice in choosing the best matching your needs structure and all operational service to legally incorporation of the company on your behalf.

The most important document, the statutory documents of a company, which needs to be prepared when opening a company in Luxembourg is represented by the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association which need to be drawn at a public notary.

Such documents contain information about the legal form of the company, the activities, the owners, the share capital, the board of directors, the representatives, the company’s purposes among other things.

Because French and German are the country’s official languages, the documents must be drafted in one of these languages.

The documents of the company you wish to form in Luxembourg can be prepared with the help of our company formation specialists in Luxembourg.

What documents do you need to apply for a business license
approval :

1. A declaration of honor attesting a managerial job and or an ownership of shares

2. An applicant who does not reside in Luxembourg or who has for less than 10 years must provide a recent non-bankruptcy certificate sealed by a notary

3. A criminal record attestation. An extract from the criminal record (for French citizens, can be ordered by internet on the website)

4. To set up a company you are required to provide the company’s legal status documents

5. If you are applying on your own behalf, a copy of your identity card is required

6. A CV of the future manager

7. Attested copies of education certificates

8. The company brochure

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