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The benefits of coaching are obvious to managers. By integrating it as an approach to management activities, they increase the efficiency of their own work, their subordinates and the organization in general.


A coach will help you with setting new goals and changing or adjusting old ones. After all, as it can happen : we strive for alien goals imposed on us from outside. But the achievement of them brings neither success nor satisfaction.

To understand what you really want, what your real goals are – is one of the most difficult personal tasks of each person and one of the primary goal of coaching.

Moreover, for a coach it does not matter in which area of life these tasks take place (types of coaching are different): business, career, personal life, hobbies or something else.

Also the goal of coaching is to help the client develop competences and eliminate restrictions to achieve meaningful and sustainable changes in the professional and personal spheres of life.

For whom is coaching needed and what results do the clients of coaching get?

  • you want positive changes in your life (professional, family, personal development and efficiency etc);
  • assistance in setting new true goals, that match your personal values;
  • goals can be achieved quicker with a coach;
  • support, both in achieving goals, and in creating a system of "supports" for your achievement;
  • assistance in getting clarity, creating a vision of the future;
  • formation of a step-by-step action plan;
  • coaching helps to gain faith in yourself and inspiration;
  • prioritization based on values, not urgency;
  • the ability to learn about your "white spots" (areas that are invisible or inaccessible in normal condition);
  • an opportunity to see your strengths and talents and work on them to get successful and positive results in life;
  • development of personal potential, awareness, creativity, initiative, flexibility, responsibility, etc;
  • the ability to think greater and braver;
  • to be more effective in your life;
  • the ability to find your personal way, live consciousness and be happy.

Our advantages


Certified and experienced
coaches and trainers


Have experience
in founding and growing
successful business


Working languages:
English and Russian


Passionate about
their work and orientated
on the client’s success and results


Bespoke programs
and flexibility

How is the coaching session
(consultation) organized?

A regular meeting is organized (individual or group, if the request is from a company, online or offline) with a duration from 30 minutes to 1h30.

goal (request) for a coach meeting is determined and then with the help of a system of questions, various techniques and tools the coach helps a person to achieve the goal, the desired result.

A coach is a consultant and trainer at the same time, who helps to eliminate psychological problems with the help of coaching technology and helps to improve performance in achieving goals, efficiency and life quality in any of the areas (career, finances, family, relationships, health, personal development).

Professional coaching uses a range of communication skills (such as targeted restatements, listening, questioning, clarifying etc.) to help clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals. Read more about this program blank


Coaching is a new direction of psychological counseling, based on the psychology of optimism and success. The philosophy of coaching is based on the principle that every person is able to BE, DO and HAVE whatever he wishes. The coach does not give advice and hard recommendations, but seeks a solution to the problems together with the client and encourages him to make independent conclusions.

Good coaches believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems but understands that they may need help to find the answer.

Coaching differs from psychological counseling by motivation.

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy are aimed at getting rid of any symptom, but working with a coach implies the achievement of a certain goal, new positively formulated results in life and work.

The difference between coaching and all types of counseling is the realization of the potential of the client himself under the coach guidance.

After all, the potential of each person has no limits and the task of the coach is to help the client to open it.

According to the training format, coaching can be offline and online (via telephone and the Internet), and by the number of participants - individual and corporate.

Individual coaching is used to develop top managers and company executives, support managers in adapting to new positions, and accelerating the development of talented employees.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

John Whitmore

in Coaching for Performance

Coaching is divided into several types of application aspects:

  • career coaching, which includes assessment of professional opportunities, assessment of competencies, advice on career planning, choice of development path, support in job search;
  • business coaching organizes the search for the most effective ways to achieve the company's goals; the work is carried out with the leaders of the company and with the teams of employees;
  • life coaching is an individual work with a person who is focused on improving his life in all areas (health, self-esteem, relationships);
  • integral coaching is suitable for those who want to consciously create their lives, grow integrally, inside and outside, all-inclusive, develop different types of intellects (spiritual, emotional, cognitive, physical, etc.), work on body-mind-spirit and evolutionary transformation in general.

We invite you to review and choose
one of the possible programs

"From point A to point B"
or "From Desire to Achievement"

Who is this program for?

Entrepreneurs and top management who want to work on achieving the goal, moving from point A (where they are now) to point B (goal, desired result). Who want to overcome obstacles, inside barriers , fears and limits (of income, for example), reach new heights, realize a dream, scale up the business.

Business-oriented people who need to develop new skills, soft skills, want to get career promotion, from being hired to your own business, achieve goals, the ability to set, plan and achieve them, as well as to get the support and motivation of the expert coach.

Startups that launch a new product, project, business.

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At this program we work on achieving your goal, moving from point A (where you are now) to point B (clearly set goal, desired result).

Read more about this program blank

Program “From point A to point B” is
really for you if you think like this:

  • I want to achieve the goal, to realize the dream, but so far I could not have done it;
  • do not know how to achieve the goals;
  • I do not plan my life, I can not plan at all;
  • I can not break my borders;
  • I want, but I dont do anything, no action and action plan;
  • not to be hard on yourself;
  • there are some obstacles, restrictions and fears;
  • do not act towards the goal;
  • you always find excuses that maybe one day …first do this and then, maybe in a good future…;
  • sabotage (I know the goal, but I look for excuses, I find the reason not to do important steps, actions and then I make myself busy with unuseful, unimportant things, cases);
  • the plans of the day, month, week are not executed.

Interested? Would you like to start?

You can request a price list and additional information via email: coach@advensys-conseil.lu

How is the coaching session
(consultation) organized?

A regular meeting is organized (individual or group, if the request is from a company, online or offline) with a duration from 30 minutes to 1h30. The goal (request) for a coach meeting is determined and then with the help of a system of questions, various techniques and tools the coach helps a person to achieve the goal, the desired result.

What possible fears have you got?

  • it will not work (I will remain a loser);
  • fear that it will work well ! (fear of success);
  • look at the truth is scary (fear of reality);
  • I don’t want predictability, I’m afraid of boredom (“I’m creative everywhere”);
  • I am afraid to take responsibility for the fact that I am making a plan and if there is a plan, then it should be done and followed.

What do you get after passing this program:

  • one your goal (or more) , clearly defined and achieved;
  • personal success;
  • go from hiring to your own business, self-realization;
  • new way of thinking, mindset of a successful entrepreneur;
  • scale your business;
  • reach new heights;
  • overcome obstacles and the "ceiling" (borders) in personal income, in business development;
  • creation, launch and implementation of your successful project, product, business;
  • faster and better way to achieve your goals;
  • internal transformation, eliminated restrictions and limiting beliefs;
  • clarification of desires and right goal setting;
  • clarity and support on the way to achieve the goal;
  • personal planning and flexible adherence to the plan;
  • motivation and support from the coach;
  • ability to integrate new working technologies, practices and tools.


  • avoid responsibility for the results of your actions, therefore, do not act, but have lots of ideas and simply postpone, procrastinate;

    do not finish things;

    one of the possible thought in your head: “Life has meaning! Sacrifice now –– then you will be rewarded! ”;
    proper life provides stability now and reward in the future, far away future Obedience and discipline are norms. Impulsiveness is controlled through guilt, each person has their own place. (Ex, If you were born in the family of agricultural machinery, it means you can only be a collective farmer, agricultural employee, not a banker).


  • responsible for your results and for your lives;

    difference of fact from opinion - the ability to look at the truth, the completion of the started project;

    one of the possible thought in your head: "Think and get rich!".

    "Act on your own interests, leading the game to win.";

    you are initiative, striving for results, achievement;

    the motivation to achieve a better quality of life for yourself and more efficient results;

    You have personal success and career, social status.
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Dream life Program

This program is for creating your happy and desired life in professional sphere, family and personal development.

We will be engaged in the search for meanings, happiness and balance in life, the development of all fields of your life activities.

Let's go to a new, higher quality standard of living.

Let's create the life of your dreams.

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Who is this program for?

Entrepreneurs and owners who have lost interest in the existing business, search for new meanings, happiness and balance in life, professional and family, who want the development of all fields of life activities simultaneously, the realization of a dream. Access to a new, higher quality of life, harmonious and balanced.

People from the business environment who “burn” and disappear constantly at work, do not know how to keep balance, harmony, they succeed in one area, but lose, for example, in family life, children's development or a hobby.

Interested? Would you like to start?

You can request a price list and additional information via email: coach@advensys-conseil.lu

How is the coaching session
(consultation) organized?

A regular meeting is organized (individual or group, if the request is from a company, online or offline) with a duration from 30 minutes to 1h30. The goal (request) for a coach meeting is determined and then with the help of a system of questions, various techniques and tools the coach helps a person to achieve the goal, the desired result.

What worries you BEFORE passing
the “My Dream Life” Program?

  • Worried about not being able to systematize business processes, your personal and professional life, and all other areas of life?
  • You have everything “on fire” and you do not know where/how to start.
  • Frustrated by the lack of realisation of yourself, your life, your dreams?
  • Low satisfaction with your life, results and achievements?
  • Are you an overbusy business owner (do lots of operational tasks yourself) and nobody understands you?
  • You have delegation and trust issues.
  • Business is stuck and not growing.
  • Have you been away on vacation for a long time?
  • Lack of energy and desire to do something. Search for meanings.
  • It seems to you that you do not live your life.

What possible fears have you got?

  • it will not work (I will remain a loser);
  • fear that it will work well ! (fear of success);
  • look at the truth is scary (fear of reality);
  • it is terrible to see that the plan is not executed;
  • I don’t want predictability, I’m afraid of boredom (“I’m creative everywhere”);
  • we ourselves create the conditions and heroically solve them (I am not a hero then), fear that you will not be needed;
  • fear that from hiring employees (delegation in work or family) there will be more problems, not less.

What do you get after passing this program:

  • create a project of your life of dreams and successfully begin to implement it;
  • get order and clearance, tangible positive results and achievements in 3 aspects of life: professional, family and personal;
  • a clear plan and system for the development of all spheres of life;
  • satisfaction with life, yourself, family;
  • an opportunity to create a new successful project of self realization;
  • personal growth, efficiency, creativity, leadership skills;
  • feel the "taste of life", energy will appear for a new stage of your life, more qualitative and conscious, meaningful;
  • working practices, techniques and tools;
  • personality transformation for different areas (for example, the creation and integration of the personality "Femininity" for a business woman, etc.);
  • build harmony and balance both inside and outside;
  • discover new facets (faces, sides) of yourself;
  • way of thinking of a successful entrepreneur, family man and just a unique person.


You understand that your problems may be in:

  • wasting time;
  • do not understand how to set priorities;
  • do not know what to grasb, what to do first, there is no focus on the result;
  • relationships are crumbling, lack of attention to your children (or private life) ;
  • delegate either to no one, or do not know how, do not trust anyone, “I will do better myself, only I can do it well myself”;
  • employees (or family members) come to you with all the problems and you solve them;
  • the discovery that material well-being does not bring happiness;
  • mess in the computer, on the desktop;
  • priorities are chosen based on what is burning the most!
  • interruptions everywhere and always (feel guilty if you refuse to others);
  • lack of harmony and emotional balance;
  • dream of something bigger.


  1. Overbusy, tension, guilt, irritation
  2. Interrupts, do what is burning, not what is important
  3. Do not plan, make notes in different places, or do not execute the plans.
  4. Do everything himself or "micromanagement", do not rely on employees, on family
  5. Do not know how to say no to unimportant actions, to other people who do not lead to the goals of the projects.
  6. Don't want to look at the truth
  7. actions do not give results, disappointed with results


  1. Calm, balanced life
  2. Make important things, not urgent
  3. Plan and follow plans, achieve the goals.
  4. Rely on the team, other people, family members
  5. Confident in yourself and your goals
  6. Look at the truth, metrics, objectively and with pleasure control your life
  7. able to meet with the results of your choices - ready to withstand something negative, learn from any experience
  8. focused on the result and process at the same time
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Evolutionary jump program

This program is about evolutionary growth in professional life, creating a dream life, interpersonal evolution (in family life, with a partner), about a personal leap, cultural growth, creating your own system of happiness, energy and realization in the world, realization of your gift in the world.

This program is about integral development, the path to integrity, the disclosure of your talents. About creating your own philosophy of life, for example, I am as a director of my life and a satisfied actor, and I have my own scenarios filled with meanings.

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People engaged in self-development, who are lost, are busy in searching for their purposes, working with their subconscious, the ability to hear themselves, deep transformation of the personality, access to a new level of awareness and development, the development of different types of intelligence.

Entrepreneurs and owners who want to build, develop a “business with meaning”, “teal organization”, build a new system of work, make a positive contribution.


A regular meeting is organized (individual or group, if the request is from a company, online or offline) with a duration from 30 minutes to 1h30. The goal (request) for a coach meeting is determined and then with the help of a system of questions, various techniques and tools the coach helps a person to achieve the goal, the desired result.


The main problem BEFORE - there are sales, there is a product, there are employees. But there is no reliable team, indicators, clarity in goals, value strategy. Everything depends on him, drown in routine, can not scale. Or you have a functioning successful business, a good job and a sufficient income.

YOU WANT TO: create a system (perhaps a new self-organizing company, a “teal organization”), debug processes, create a strong team, scale your business, get out of business routin processes, stable growth and predictable stable results. You want to create a business with meaning or realize a dream as a project (business or social project).


  • The business operates on manual control and with the energy of the entrepreneur.

    There is no reliable dedicated team. No system, no transparent indicators. Priorities are not set, important issues are being addressed at the current moment.

    Nobody is engaged in strategy.


  • Business is a streamlined machine with a solid reliable team that grows and develops despite changes in the market and the situation in the country.

    Introduced planning indicators, there are plans for the quarter, month and week.

    A business owner has more time for strategic tasks. Staff copes with delegated tasks.

    You have your company, project, business with the meaning, the development of "teal organization."


  • you have information overload;
  • you probably tried different systems of productivity, development, self-knowledge, the path to integrity, but still I don’t understand how to use them, didn’t intergrate them, or stopped receiving results, or look for a more integrated system;
  • I still write on different pieces of paper, everything is in different places;
  • when a person is getting tired of chasing fame and money, he begins to look at the world from aside and be interested in what benefits he can bring to others;
  • chaos makes it difficult to focus on the main thing;
  • interferes with resistance to changes and modern technologies;
  • there is a belief that the mind, body, spirit become one. Religiosity is manifested here as the need to believe in what is beyond me, that more than me, what I am a part of.

What do you get after passing this program:

  • clarity, awareness and success in personal life and development, achievements, relationship with people, in surrounding systems, world systems; integral view of the world;
  • transformation, evolutionary growth of your personality, life, business;
  • Integral life practices: familiarization and integration;
  • a new evolutionary way of thinking , new mindset of the intergal person;
  • instead of general theories, the coach-supervisor shares ultra-specific techniques, rituals, practices and habits, and scientific research;
  • disclosure of your destination, talents, new skills;
  • set goals and plan for the implementation of the destination;
  • providence, visionary;
  • development of visual logic;
  • spiritual development and enlightenment;
  • maturing and awakening of personality, new version of oneself;
  • the creation and implementation of your project;
  • the creation of your philosophy of life. For example, I am as a director of my life and a satisfied actor, and I have my own scenarios filled with meanings.

What possible fears have you got?

  • worries that you will not be able to find suitable employees;
  • worries that you will not be able to pay them a decent salary;
  • it is worried that the new employees will not cope with all the tasks in the way that you yourself coped;
  • it is also possible there is no understanding how to create a “teal organization”, How/ what/ where to start;
  • you are afraid that you might be under the needed level of developement to create a great teal company.


You can request a price list and additional information via email: coach@advensys-conseil.lu


  1. do not associate your results with yourself (I'm cool, it just happened that there is no result);

    avoid looking at the truth;

    not able to enter into constructive conflict - look for the guilty, instead of solving problems;

    business is at the same level for a long time- several years, it does not develop (and you are not satisfied with it);

    confusion and lostness, incomprehensibility of what's next - lost benchmarks for more than 5 months;

    actions and trainings, self-development do not give results, or you are disappointed with the results;

    there is no deep meaning in what you do - “everything seems to be clear, but why?”;

    there is no motivation inside - why?;

    bouts of laziness - laziness from meaninglessness;

    feel anxiety;

    always in search mood – you can not focus on something that is most important;

    imposed goals, so you do not get pleasure from business - (often it happens with women) (it can be manifested as starting new projects and stopping them at 10-15% of completing);

    aware of internal problems, but you do not care about money, you think it is unimportant;

    do not understand “what's next?” - it seems you have achieved everything, but what is next?;

    do not know your purpose, aims - you feel that you are engaged in something wrong;

    the discovery that material well-being does not bring happiness;

    often balance between the need to have income and public benefit, which can cause stress;

    understand that the cost of collective decisions is too high - they make decisions for a long time, consult, try to please everyone.


  1. able to take risk - willingness to test, to have reasonable risk;

    ability to receive feedback, openness to hear;

    able to survive in uncertainty, not waiting for guarantees;

    self-perception - “even if everything is bad, I will cope with it, and sooner or later I will succeed”;

    it can be hard, but I can, I am capable of it;

    you can meet with the results of your choices, ready to withstand something negative and accept it as lessons;

    result and process oriented at the same time;

    hunger for living - there is some kind of inside pain that moves you, and you learn how to live with this pain and use it as a resource;

    there is a deep meaning, sense for which you want to live fully and happily, holistically;

    see opportunities, not problems;

    belief in “Live fully and consciously as who you are and who you learn to be!”;

    freedom and autonomy: to achieve your goals without prejudice to others;

    awareness of your main purpose and adherence consciously to the plan for its implementation;

    naturalness and the search for consistency in everything. Adherence to the principles, continuous development. Understanding that chaos and change is natural. Acceptance of the inevitability. Recognition of the need of early levels of development;

    flexibility, conscious spontaneity and naturalness, the uniqueness of the personality. Functionality, consistency and integrity in decision making;

    integral / historical view of the world. Evolutionary approach;

    You will develop skills of an integral personality :
    - a person is looking for an integrated life, trying to find a balance between his needs and the needs of others.
    - a person thinks in terms of competence, power is considered contextually, based on experience, not power or hierarchy.
    - knowledge and competence are more important than rank, power, status or group membership;

    creating abundance and achieving partnership win-win-win;

    the infinity of knowledge and the finiteness of human life, the curiosity of being alive;

    the disclosure of one's Self, but not at the expense of others, but in such a way that all the lives could continue in more natural, suitable and sustainable ways;

    Visual logic;

    consciousness is separated from identification: with body, mask, ego and mind;

    search for order in chaos, search for guiding principles, a combination of spirituality and physics;

    awareness of the limited capabilities of the individual and the desire to unite to solve global problems of human existence.
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Just wake up, grow up and show up!

You have all the abilities to sculpt your dream life!

Dziyana (Diana) Shkot,

Personal Coach

  • Certified Professional Coach (2016), Professional Master Coach, Certified Trainer of Coaching (2017)
  • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2008), Master - Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (2015) and Certified Trainer of NLP (2017)
  • Certified Business Trainer (2017)
  • Existential Coaching Program (2016)
  • Your Superhuman Potential OS with Ken Wilber
  • Integral Vision Practitioner
  • Agile Coach


  • twice a participant in the rating of TOP-30 most promising and successful entrepreneurs of Belarus up to 30 years in 2016, 2017;
  • finalist of the contest among women-managers of Belarus Lady BOSS 2016, was given the nomination "Lady Inspiration";
  • included in the encyclopedia Who is Who in Belarus. Women of Belarus (2018);
  • have successful experience with the clients from CIS and EU countries, Britain, America, Australia;
  • modern Gentlewoman and Happy Wife.

Feel free to contact us and get answers, price list:

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