Advensys Conseil is an accounting company,
that has great experience (15 years) in different
spheres of businesses.

It is a Member of Luxembourg accountant association ALCOMFI


Public limited companies (SA) and limited liability companies (SARL) must:

keep their accounting records in accordance with the standard chart of accounts (Luxgaap);

over 100 000 EUR of turnover, the accounting must be done with licensed IT accounting software to be able to deliver specific files called FAIA ;

for trade businesses, VAT returns have to done on the electronic gathering of financial data (Collecte des données financières - eCDF);

VAT return have to be filled annually, quarterly or monthly (depends on the volume of the turnover);

for S.A. company the accounts need to audited by a “Commissaire au compte”;

prepare and approve the accounts in electronic format on the 'platform for the  electronic gathering of financial data' (Collecte des données financières - eCDF);

and then  file them electronically  for the publication with the trade and companies register (RCS) for publication purposes.

Sole proprietorships, general partnerships (sociétés en nom collectif  - SENC) and limited partnerships (sociétés en commandite simple - SCS) may prepare a  simplified version, which could reduce the costs associated with keeping the accounts.

They do not have to file their annual accounts with the trade and companies register.

However, businesses with an annual turnover in excess of EUR 100,000  (excl. VAT) are also subject to the SCA, the approval of accounts on the eCDF and the filing of their accounts with the trade and companies register and the subsequent publication of said accounts.

Except of having deep local knowledge in Luxembourgish Jurisdiction, Advensys Conseil Team is also experienced in French and British Jurisdictions.

As a global accounting firm deeply rooted in Luxembourg, we are strategically placed to help, assist and advise our clients on all areas of company incorporation, accountancy, taxation.


Organize bookkeeping and accounts 

Prepare annual reports, publications and tax returns (VAT returns, Corporative Tax return)

Accounting advice

Tax analyse service

Assistance in case of tax authority check

Request estimation

Advensys Conseil provides accounting solutions according to your company’s activity and size. We are working with FIXED prices. It helps entrepreneurs to manage easily their budget.

Why to cooperate with
Advensys Conseil?


We work with multiple jurisdictions: Luxembourgish, French, British


Fixed prices


We offer “one-stop- shop-solution” Accounting service, tax advice and returns, guidance, coaching


More then 15 years experience


We love our clients, enjoy to contribute to their success and passionate about our work

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